Available Puppies

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There are no puppies currently available.

We expect only one litter from Timber and River this year during the time of late fall. Availability will be limited with only one litter.

Choice of puppy will be in order of deposits received. Information regarding reserving a puppy and the health guarantee we offer can be found by clicking on the "Reserve a Puppy" button.

Puppies are $1800

At this time puppies are only available with limited AKC

(This means sold with a non-breeding agreement)

     Puppies will be ready to go to your home at 8-9 weeks of age. We look forward to meeting everyone as they come to pick up their puppy. We will board your puppy for up to 1 week past the pick-up date, but after that time a boarding fee will apply. Email us with any questions!

You can see our most up-to-date pictures on Instagram.

***Please check back as we will keep this page up to date.***

Updated: 2/9/2020

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